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Atlantic Canada Elkhound Adventures Begin

January 25, 2015 Comments Off on An Outdoor Photographer’s Best Companion Elkhounds, Pups

An Outdoor Photographer’s Best Companion

Dear Merv,
Merry Christmas to you and your family! I wish you and your loved ones fortune, health, happiness and success! I hope that your dogs will continue to bring you joy and lots of wonderful pups.
This year was very eventful for my little pack. And I must say how proud I am of Ragnar. He has grown into a very responsible protector and defender. Though I am continuously training and teaching him, he already knows a lot – enough to become a reliable companion everywhere I take him. I love that he retains independence and is able to think for himself – and I trust his judgement. He is smart enough to pick up the faintest hint of threat or to know when to be as gentle as a lamb. When he goes into protection mode even I feel a little uncomfortable, yet I saw my friends’ one year old child walk him while he took baby steps. None of my friends, who see him only happy and playful, believe how fierce he can be, yet no one from the staff in the building where we live dares enter my home without me!
In 2015 I plan to return to Russia. My family has already prepared for the new presence. My father has built a great spacious pen with a complex house, all based on experience of malamute breeders from Finland (but with Ragnar’s measurements, of course). Ragnar will be able to enjoy year-round life outside of the city, as was my intent from the start. I am already picking out a trainer who will help me with more sophisticated  training for Ragnar. We are returning at a very good time – Ragnar’s age is near perfect for serious guard dog and body guard  training, and I have no doubt that he will enjoy it and pass with flying colors. 
I am sending some photos from our trips into the forests this year. I must say, Ragnar is a great companion for a photographer in the wild! He is my eyes and ears, but he’s quiet enough not to scare everything around. He knows when it is OK to have a little fun or when it is time to work. Also, he helps me on rough terrain – I can lean on him or ask him to pull a little on a slippery slope! He understands and becomes solid as a rock! I can go on and on about this dog, because I am so proud of him and adore him so much. 
Once again, my warmest holiday greetings and best wishes!

Outdoor Photographers Best Companion - Ragnar

Ragnar - Male Elkhound accompanies Barbara on outdoor photography hikes and adventures. He is well suited to watching out for her, he is a grandson of Takoda

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