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Norwegian Elkhound History

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Norwegian Elkhound Hikes and History

When it comes to adventure, the Norwegian Elkhound is the perfect dog. There is no dog better suited to wilderness outings than this ancient Norway dog.


One of the oldest and most respected dog breeds in the world, the Norwegian Elkhound has been bred for over 4,000 years by Vikings, hunters, hikers, and Kings of the Scandinavian terrain. As the proud owner of six incredibly strong and sophisticated Norwegian Elkhound, I speak personally when I say there is no other dog breed that so perfectly combines the fierce wilderness instincts of a wild animal with the loving, sweet, and loyal elements of a domesticated house dog. These are spectacular working dogs with bloodlines older than most countries.


Norwegian Elkhounds are built for rugged terrain, challenging physical elements, and endurance. They have been used for centuries to navigate treacherous forests, steep mountains, and dangerous rivers and rivulets throughout the wilderness. Their resulting build and coat perfectly reflect their strength and versatility as a travel companion in northern climates.


Typically, these dogs sport a dark mask, dark ears with good covering, big jaws, a thick inner and outer layer coat with long guard hairs, a compact and curled tail to prevent mud and snow from clinging, and aerodynamic feet and paws for ultimate ground traction and agility. From their long-time ancestry, Norwegian Elkhounds today, including my six, exhibit little to no health complications or weaknesses ever. These dogs are virtually indestructible.


Nothing is so beautiful and elegant as watching these Nordic dogs glide through the forest with their distinctive and regimented gait, enabling them to jump and climb over uneven surfaces almost instantly. I have never met a Norwegian Elkhound who was not able to scale a mountain in a single day. They love to be out in nature, exercising their compact, athletically designed bodies.


Norwegian Elkhound puppies are all born black, in litters of typically 7-10 pups. Because of their gene mix and unmistakably layered and warm coat, these pups are incredibly hardy, and can endure freezing temperatures from their birth.


The perfect family companion and intense hunting and adventure mate, the Norwegian Elkhound, like all dogs, lives to please their handlers above all else.

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