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Mountain River Hiking With An Elkhound

February 7, 2015 Comments Off on Atlantic Canada Elkhound Adventures Begin Family Adventure, Hiking, Pups

Atlantic Canada Elkhound Adventures Begin

There is no greater thing than getting a new pup when your a young fella. These two twin boys have a totally awesome buddy now as young Gunnar flew down to look after them on their hikes.
I can’t wait to see all the neat places and adventures that Connor and Quinton will have with Gunnar.

East Coast Adventures Begin

Nothing is better than a new pup, and to get an Elkhound WOW!

You sure don’t have to be an old foggy like me to enjoy the companionship of a great Elkhound, and these boys are a shining example of that. What fun they will have. I am so happy for them. Eastern Canada has some truly awesome places to hike and cruise around and it won’t matter if it’s a backyard adventure, urban hike, or Bay of Fundy trail, it’s all great with an Elkhound at your side, no doubt!

Who knows, these two boys might be hiking the Annapolis Valley one day and come across another great young Elkhound over there, young Magnus, who also just landed down east. Sure enough two of the top young Elkhound males are keeping an eye on things on the east coast.

Here are a few updates from Teri and Jeff about the exciting times.
Hi Merv,

Just wanted to check in after a week and send you some pictures and an update.

Gunnar is settling in well at our place. He’s very calm and relaxed for a 9 wks old puppy. He’s sleeping through the night and doing well throughout the day when we’re at work. We’re having quite the adventuring with his chewing and trying to get him house trained…but he’s such a sweetheart…we’ve got some good sturdy chew toys and such to assuage the chewing and we’re staying consistent with potty breaks and positive reinforcement for the potty training. He’s really a part of the family already. He’s a real cuddle bug when he wants…and he’s discovered his bark, pretty cute. Tuesday one ear perked up and today the second one perked up. He’s gorgeous!

The boys are doing great with him. He treats them like they’re puppies too. It’s cute.

We’ve kept him on a combined Now grain-free kibble and raw (mostly turkey, some lamb as a treat). He’s a healthy eater!

He’s a beautiful boy, Merv. Thanks for sending him to our home. He’s a great new addition to the family.


Teri, Jeff, Connor, Quinton & Gunnar
Hi Merv,

Great update and photo of your family and all your beautiful dogs. Just today Jeff weighed Gunnar and said we should send you an update…and low and behold you send us one!

Gunnar is teething like crazy and stubborn as anything, so basically he fits in great with two naval officers and their twin 7 year old stubborn boys! We love him so much. He’s become such a wonderful addition to our family. Jeff weighed him this morning and he’s already 30lbs at 20 weeks!!!

I’ve attached a picture of him that I just took and another from two weeks ago on the boys’ 7th bday taking him for a walk in the woods and backing the car.

Wishing you and your family the best during this festive season!!!


The Murray’s
Jeff, Teri, Connor, Quinton & Gunnar

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