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February 16, 2015 Comments Off on Greenwood City and Desna Elkhounds, Family Adventure, Hiking, Pups

Greenwood City and Desna

Desna – Elkhound Male – Son of Takoda
Desna, Marlene and I had a great day out on Sunday the 15th of February, 2015. You would have thought we stepped back in time to 1897 walking around historic Greenwood, Canada’s smallest city. Kamia Kennels is located half way between Greenwood and Grand Forks, on Hwy 3 in the Kootenay Boundary regional district of BC.

Ancient Elkhound Travels Historic City

Ancient Swedish Elkhound Desna, Son of Takoda travels the historic city of Greenwood BC.

Greenwood initially was famous for copper, with the main street depicted in our photo Copper Street, which was aptly named, no doubt. Today however it is quickly becoming much better known for having the premier Swedish and Norwegian Elkhounds in Canada just outside of the city, The Kamia Elkhounds. Desna, the young male is one of the outstanding young Swedish Elkhounds that Kamia is famous for. This is a son of Takoda, Canada’s premier Swedish Elkhound.

Elkhounds have been in Canada for a long time, however centuries before arriving here in Canada they traveled the Scandinavian regions. As one of the oldest breeds and with Kamia Kennels still breeding the ancient lineages, this is the perfect city for young Desna to get socialized.

Desna is heading North To Anchorage Alaska, so I thought I best get him socialized and familiar around the city lights and sounds. I took him down main street of course, Copper Street, we walked up around the Post Office as you can see and made our way back down to the Assay Office. I thought he best know the sights and smells around that building, there are a few of those in Alaska no doubt.

Elkhounds are the world’s best companion dog, and in a mining town that started back in the late 1800’s with the early mines like Mother Lode mine and Deadwood and Copper, well it’s pretty fitting that an Ancient Elkhound like Desna who is almost identical to how the old Swedish dogs were in 1897 get’s to cruise through a city today, very much identical to what it was like in 1897.

The ancient lineage breeds like the Swedish Elkhound remain true to their heritage, true to the instinctive roots many centuries old. Kamia Kennels prides itself on keeping all the old traits alive and intact. They breed no traits out. So it’s fitting that one of the premier ancient big boys, young Desna gets some socializing in a city preserved pretty much identical to how it was in 1897 as well, true to it’s historic roots.

  • Desna and Merv on Copper Street
  • Desna and Merv Post Office
  • Desna and I off Copper Street
  • Greenwood Post Office
  • Desna and I off main
  • Desna and I on Copper Street
  • Desna and I at assay office
  • Desna at the Assay Office
  • Big City Desna