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March 4, 2016 Comments Off on Norwegian Elkhounds Hiking Offleash Elkhounds, Family Adventure, Hiking, Norwegian Elkhound

Norwegian Elkhounds Hiking Offleash

Wow, what a great day I had with six of my awesome Elkhounds. I was able to get to the very summit of the highest point around, a feat we were not able to do all winter. I have to wait till the snow gets frozen on top, rather than just the powder, so that we can walk on top, or we couldn’t make it up. Snow would be just too deep and hard to climb through. But, as luck would have it, it froze hard on top, then snowed a few inches to make it nice and we had it made.

Norwegian Elkhounds Offleash Hiking Dogs

Wow, what an adventure. Took us all day but we finally made it all the way to the Summit. I had the Norwegian Elkhound females and also had Jaegar along, what a great hike!

You are going to see my Norwegian Elkhound females, along with Jaegar the big fella on an awesome hike. Now, I made a full page article over on the main site with a TON of photos, please stop over there and check out the whole article in full: Norwegian Elkhounds Offleash Hiking Dogs .

So I was able to get some truly awesome photos of these dogs in action all the way to the top, the reason is I got a new chest camera harness and I go over that in detail over there as well, but bottom line, it’s awesome. I got it to hold my K3 while I am snowshoeing so that I can get some better action shots of the dogs offleash hiking. Norwegian Elkhounds and Swedish Elkhounds are the worlds greatest hiking dogs, and to have 6 along with me of the very best in North America for this outing, well that was pretty special.

I have some of the brand new pups from Jaegar here getting trained right now for expeditions like this one, they are Bane and Havoc, and only 11 weeks old, but highly skilled offleash mountain dogs already. It was too big a day for them to come along, but in 6 months time they will be hiking up expeditions like this one, just like all the dogs shown here. I have Tora of course, Kai her daughter, Tekla and Tuva the twins, and Kalia, along with Jaegar.

I’ll put some images here but be sure to go to the main site for the rest,

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  • That was the photo I was hoping for. Six truly stunning Elkhounds, in a fantastic setting, no doubt.
  • She is a wild area no doubt. I can go any direction from the house for days and be in wilderness.
  • Kai and Kalia went for three days out walkabout last summer out there some where.
  • Kamia Kennels Elkhounds

Best hike this winter!

Total Score 100%