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February 1, 2015 Comments Off on Female Elkhound Powerhouse Hiking

Female Elkhound Powerhouse

There are few dogs as powerful as Tora, let alone females of any breed. She is pure power in a fur coat. I was out for a hike the other day with Tora, a Female Elkhound, who by the way has had 32 pups, and is 5 years old and we were having a great hike.

Elkhound Powerhouse - Tora

Tora - Female Elkhound - Loves to show off her big power

Now the thing about hiking with Tora is you don’t need to baby her, make a trail for her if you don’t want to, no little boots, sweaters, none of that. She is a serious machine when it comes to hiking, or working of any kind. Tora wanted to cross the creek and go up the hill. Now I knew, hey, this is going to be a good little photo op. So I quickly got out the K-3 and she stepped out on the rocks in the creek.

The snow is super deep, we have had over 4 feet for sure, that doesn’t bother her at all. So you will see her gather herself together in the center of the creek, pull all her power in and compact it and take a huge leap up and land in the deep snow. Now for most dogs that would be panic city, they would flounder around like a boneless chicken in that. Not Tora! She just muscles down a huge press up and boom, she is up top. Nothing to it.

Take a look at that last image, she is so pleased with herself, she knows I am watching, she is loving every minute of the hike, just a really happy snow loving Elkhound Powerhouse.

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You can't help but enjoy your time hiking with a female Elkhound like Tora

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