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January 18, 2015 Comments Off on Snow Covered Timber Trail Hike Hiking

Snow Covered Timber Trail Hike

Snow covered timber trails are some of my favorite adventures with the Elkhounds. I can take some of the old dogs, some of the middle ones, and even the young rascals and we can all have a great time. This particular day there were 8 of my dogs along, with young Desna leading the way. He is so excited to be the only male along he was acting so big.

Snow Covered Timber Trails

He is just 12 weeks old but he is a powerful young male, he loves these snow covered trails. Listens very well, and my favorite thing, he can’t really get away from me too far. The snow is so deep off the trail it forces him really to stay on track. So it’s great training for the young pup in learning how to be offleash and work around me.

The air is so pure and fresh out here, its quiet in the snow, we can have a really great hike. Norwegian Elkhounds and Swedish Elkhounds Featured.

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Fantastic Hike - Deep Snow - Great Day

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