February 1, 2015 Comments Off on Kai and Kalia Off Leash Training Video

Kai and Kalia Off Leash Training

This is a great video showing two young female Elkhounds that are well started in off leash work. We are out at our mountain training facility and I am doing some work with them offleash. They illustrate the great recall skills that working Elkhounds Exhibit.

Off Leash Training

Kai and Kalia exhibit some skills in off leash work and recall.

A recall genetic trait in some lineages is way stronger than others. Some folks refer to the Elkhound as somewhat stubborn if they don’t have the recall traits. Our lineages here have a very strong desire to recall and respond quickly to the handler. You’ll see two young females, one just over a year, the other 7 months, both who have awesome traits to respond and work with the handler.

When training for recall and doing off leash work, the main thing is “DON’T OVER COMMAND”. Stay patient. Let them finish the command. Younger dogs you can repeat the command, but as they become better and better make absolutely certain your backing off on the commanding as well.

Also, watch for communication cues, they will stop, they will look, they will stay in touch, if you want to command, that is the time. Off leash in remote regions is not for untrained dogs, don’t think you can take a dog that has not worked remote regions and put them into this situation and expect them to respond this way. Elkhounds are bred to do this type of work, so this video makes working with them LOOK extremely easy, for almost 99% of other breeds they are not bred to work in this type of environment off leash, so you would have some runaways I am certain.

If you hike remote regions, you most likely should get a Kamia Elkhound!