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Norwegian Elkhound Pup Ice Fishing In Ontario

December 22, 2015 Comments Off on Cypress Fishing In The Pacific Family Adventure

Cypress Fishing In The Pacific

Cypress, a beautiful Elkhound Female – Daughter of Tora and Bram

Cypress Fishing The Pacific Ocean

Cypress, a beautiful female Elkhound, goes deep sea fishing for Salmon in the Pacific Ocean

Ken sent me this terrific update on Cypress a while back. It is an incredible display of the heritage of the ancient Elkhounds and how they are so well suited to life in Canada, specifically this girl, out on the coast. She loves that area you can just see it. What a great set of photos. Ken, thank you so much for the great home you provide to Cypress, she looks terrific.

Also, what a great update, always it’s a pleasure to hear from you, please keep us posted on this great gal.

An Elkhound who doesn’t like water unless she learns how to fish. We couldn’t keep her away from the ocean once the pinks came in to spawn. She doesn’t take fish from the creek but actually goes out into the deep to catch fish while schooling before they spawn. I know who would think this but I think it is in their DNA. The 500 lb bear she has been chasing and sparing with came to watch her but that’s all. We retreated when the bear came down but Cypress just ignored the bear with the only thing that was important and that’s fishing. Go figure. Anyway I thought this might be interesting for you. All the best. Ken

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