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April 18, 2016 Comments Off on Norwegian Elkhound Females 11000 steps Hiking, Norwegian Elkhound

Norwegian Elkhound Females 11000 steps

Tekla and Tuva Norwegian Elkhounds

So the snow is gone, alpine flowers are out and we can hike in the sunshine and warm weather. I took my new Samsung Galaxy S5 Active and turned on the step tracker and some other gadgets and went for a great hike yesterday. I had three fabulous Norwegian Elkhound females, Tora, and the twins, Tekla and Tuva.

11,000 Steps, or 9.57 Kilometre Elkhound Adventure Hike

Used my new Galaxy active phone on this hike, it measured our steps, total distance, provides GPS, compass, neat to use for sure

What a great time we had, took a new route, tough going, some serious climbing and it was a rocky stretch for a big part of it. Way steeper this route, so got a big workout. The girls were tired at the top. It was pretty warm too, so combine the warm temperature with the extra workout on those steep inclines, they were content to rest easy at the top. It was 6100 plus steps up, something like almost six kilometres uphill I was glad to rest up, take a break. The total steps for the whole hike was over 11,000 almost 9.57 kilometres according to the new step tracker. Pretty cool gadget really. Keep in mind the Elkhounds do way more distance as they are up, and around, back and forth, probably almost twice the distance as me. For them, most likely 15 to 17 kilometre hike in total.

Elkhound females like these three are a dream to hike with, never do I have to call them, they are always in sight. Check in all the time, wait for me, that sort of thing. We have creeks and springs that we cross all the way there and back so they have tons of access to water, so I only have to carry what I need. I was packing light this trip. Just a snack, water and camera, and phone, walkie talkie.

Got some neat photos so will post those up here.
So Tekla and Tuva are going to be cycling toward the September/October time frame. I am going to most likely put Takoda with Tekla, and Jaegar with Tuva, or use Jaegar for both, haven’t quite decided. However we are already getting deposits on those pups, so if you are interested in a pup from either of the twins, please visit our main site for the details. Click here to visit it: Norwegian Elkhounds

A couple of points I should note for anyone coming to this post or site for the first time. All three of these females were raised by me, I was hiking with all of these females before they were born. I hiked with the mothers of these three for years. All three of these females can go offleash anywhere, basically I never hike with a leash on these Norwegian Elkhounds.

For outdoor activities, distance hikes, mountain terrain, there are no better dogs. Tora is somewhere around seven years old, has had 32 pups, mostly likely is the strongest Elkhound alive, superior dog in every respect. Tekla and Tuva are twin daughters of Kamp, a pal of Tora, these two twins are easily two of the very best Norwegian Elkhounds in Canada. Tekla and Tuva are two years old. The upcoming litter will be the first for them. I am very excited about those pups.

Enjoy the photos, drop me a note anytime. You’ll find a full sister to the twins, Maya featured on the site, as well, a half brother, Ragnar, who is featured here, he is over in Russia, Ragnar is a son of Tora. You’ll find Kai on here, she is a daughter of Tora, half sister to Tekla and Tuva, and of course, you’ll find Kamp, as well.
till later,
Merv Carlson

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    Norwegian Elkhound Female
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    Tora, Tekla and Tuva
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    3 Norwegian Elkhounds
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    Elkhound Females Resting
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    11,000 Steps In This hike
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Superb Hike with the Norwegian Elkhounds, however it was a tough scale in parts of the trail.

Total Score 97%