Winter Mountain Hike With Elkhounds

Norwegian Elkhounds Hiking Offleash

February 6, 2016 Comments Off on Elkhounds Excel At Extreme Winter Hiking Hiking, Swedish Elkhound, Takoda

Elkhounds Excel At Extreme Winter Hiking

Its February 6th 2016 today. I took the big dogs with me today, Kalia, a beautiful Swedish Elkhound female, Tora, a muscled in daughter of Takoda, and Takoda man himself, our premier big Swedish Elkhound breeding male. Kalia, Takoda and Tora are all extremely strong dogs, very well conditioned, and it takes a very serious dog to tackle the high mountain ranges in BC, as we get snow here. I have easy 3 feet or more way down below at the yard, up here, not sure, it’s deep. I pack a real good trail with the snowshoes, but quite honestly, these three, they make their own trails anyway. We have a tremendous winter mountain hike. Weather is nice out, not cold, was no wind, no real sun to speak of but, a very good day. These my friends, these are the dogs to have for winter adventure.

Elkhounds Extreme Winter Adventure Hiking

What a great day in the high ranges of BC. Tons of snow, nice weather, the Elkhounds and I had a blast!

  • Female Elkhounds Winter 2016
    Female Elkhounds Kalia and Tora
  • Kamia Elkhounds 2016
  • Merv Carlson Founder of Kamia Kennels
    Merv Carlson and His Elkhounds

We could not have had a better day, super exhausting on the way up, but nice on the way down.

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