Kamia Kennels, the premier Canadian Norwegian Elkhound breeder, and the only North American Swedish Elkhound Breeder known today, are committed to the preservation of historic dog breeds through a loving, stable, and humane breeding approach. With ancestry dating back to the Vikings in the Nordic/Artic regions of the world, Elkhounds accompanied the Vikings on their exploration, travel, and hunting expeditions.

It was from this role that Elkhounds evolved into one of the most durable and infallible dog breeds in the world today. The Vikings used them for everything. Additionally, coming from naturally some of the coldest places in the world, Elkhounds grew to sport one of the thickest, most naturally waterproof dog coats possible. There isn’t a terrain or frigid temperature that will affect these awesome animals.

Located in the mountains of the Boundary District, near Grand Forks, British Columbia, Canada, Kamia Kennels works tirelessly to ensure the preservation and identification of dog breeds that were quickly slipping into the past. In the early 20th Century, before Sweden elected to identify a difference between the Norwegian and Swedish Elkhound, the demise of the unique breeds was imminent. But, through the work of passionate Elkhound breeders descended from Viking families around Scandinavia, an official identification for each breed was established. Committed to establishing and assisting in breed sustainability in North America, Kamia Kennels carefully selects breeding partners each year for the best possible litters.

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Merv Carlson Founder of Kamia Kennels and Six Elkhounds

Merv Carlson Kamia Kennels Founder and Six Kamia Elkhounds

Norwegian Elkhound Handler and Elkhound On Winter Hike[/caption] Norwegian Elkhound Handler and Elkhound On Winter Hike[/caption]First opened outside Sylvan Lake, Alberta, the kennels were moved to British Columbia so greater hiking, snowshoeing, and manageable temperatures were expected. Their new location permits added exploration access for the athletically brilliant dogs. Elkhounds are built to scale mountains of any height, terrains of any composition, and snow depths of any proportion. It’s important they get the exercise and natural wilderness exposure they were meant for. In British Columbia, Kamia Kennels is providing thier dogs with exactly what they want.

Merv and Marlene Carlson, two dog-raising enthusiasts with an experienced background and proven care-taking track record, are the founders behind the Kamia Kennels. The owners two children also oversee the Kennels, and help mold each Elkhound into the perfect family companion. Currently expecting a Norwegian Elkhound litter from their breathtaking male and female couple, Jaegar and Kamp, Kamia Kennels works every year to pair up the very best Elkhound genetics for ensuring the best possible offspring. Additionally, a littler of Swedish Elkhound pups are also expected at the Kennels this summer from Rico and Kalia, two of the most ideally formed Swedish Elkhound dogs available today.

Above all, Kamia Kennels’ number one goal is to pair the strong, historic, and friendly Elkhounds with a loving family looking for the perfect companion. Elkhounds are guardians of the rugged northern forest, but at the end of the day, their purpose, like every dog’s, is truly to love and protect their family.

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