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Instinctive Elkhounds VS Just Dogs Hiking

January 19, 2015 Comments Off on Rock Climbing Elkhounds Hiking

Rock Climbing Elkhounds

This is our background image with Tora and Takoda. Young Jaegar is around somewhere but was already around this cliff edge by the time I could get this photo. We had wanted to get up higher above the lake and I didn’t really want to cross this sheer rock face. It was pretty steep, and I was no big fan of cruising along the side of it, if you start sliding, good luck. No matter to the dogs, they are old rock climbers from centuries past. They don’t think anything of it, cruise along like it’s no big deal, turning to look back as if, hey, what’s up?

Rock Climbing With Your Elkhounds

We had a great time out here, I have a lot more to put up on this trip, and more to the same area over the years. We loved hiking this particular area in the Rockies. Ashten and I had a great day with the dogs out and about.

Elkhounds are very sure footed, so you can hike some pretty rugged locations if you wish, you’ll have a great time!

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