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January 22, 2016 Comments Off on Swedish Elkhound Rico Elkhounds, Swedish Elkhound

Swedish Elkhound Rico

Swedish Elkhound Female

Kalia is a beautiful big Swedish Elkhound. We have a litter planned for her with Rico in 2016.

Rico Jamthund Male

Beth with her Jamthund Male, Rico.

We are very excited to announce that there is going to be a new Swedish Elkhound litter at Kamia Kennels this summer, 2016 with Rico and Kalia. Rico is a magnificent big Jamthund male and Beth and Russ have been working with me for this litter pairing. I am so pleased with the big fella, both Beth and Russ have done an amazing job with this rascal. Take a look at this fella would you, what a great dog.

This is a very good hiking companion for North American terrain. This breed of dog can cover ground easily, it has such an effortless stride. They have been roaming the Scandinavian regions for centuries. Beliefs are among all the old breeders that the Swedish Elkhound could in fact be the oldest strain of Elkhound. We sure know the ability of them. Of course our big fella Takoda has been roaming all over Western Canada with me for years.

Kalia has been a true blessing to us. She has been under the guidance of Takoda from a pup, she has learned the ways of the mountain trails, how to range, how to watch over me, all key traits and instinctive behaviours honed under the guidance of the old ruler. She is smart, easy to work with, and she shares that incredible personable nature of the big Swedish Elkhounds.

For all the details on this awesome upcoming litter of Swedish Elkhounds, click the link.